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The flagship among expanded metal ceilings …
... offers the complete solution for acoustics, ventilation and lighting.

This innovative, acoustically effective all-round ceiling system meets the highest visual and technical demands. Ventilation elements to support a healthy room climate and the lighting range for an individual ceiling design lend the final touch to this ceiling system.pinta QUADROLINE consists of expanded metal cassettes – load bearing and large area cassettes that are equipped with the highly absorbing, mineral fiber-free pinta CASSETTE INSERT made of melamine resin.– Fitting is simplified by a marking for fixing the direction and is done by hooking the load bearing area cassettes into the node elements linked to the substructure. The large area cassettes are then fitted into the remaining squares.Ventilation outlets and luminaires are pre-fitted into node elements or load bearing cassette sat the factory. Starting from the junction box, during fitting the integrated downlights can be easily plugged together just like the long-strip louvered luminaire conceived especially for the pinta QUADROLINE ceiling system. High acoustic performance on the ceiling.