for optimum acoustics in wet and hygiene rooms …
a DOEMENS-tested solution with acoustic effectiveness.

pinta WETROOM Absorber ensures optimum acoustics in rooms containing large amounts of moisture and in rooms where hygiene is important. Resistant to bacteria and food-safe, the absorber can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. In addition to the standard colors white and gray, color coating is also possible. The color and intensity are determined on request.The pinta WETROOM Absorber can be installed with a cable or a 24 mm T-grid system and it is always installed horizontally. For installation in a commercially available 24 mmT-grid system, the pinta WETROOM Absorber is pushed onto the transverse T-rails by means of the included S-hooks and the transverse T-rails can then be clipped into the main support rails at the respective grid spacing distance. For installation in a steel cable system, a pinta WETROOM Absorber is pushed or hooked onto the cable with the S-hook. A pinta spacer is plugged onto the cable and the absorber and spacer are moved on by hand. A further absorber with spacer is secured and moved on until the determined quantity has been reached. In both systems, absorbers can befitted later without interrupting ongoing production.