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Compositional freedom, games of volume and depth, contemporary elements and geometries under the banner of practicality. These are Spazio modules, the Pianca collection dedicated to the living area. Cabinets and drawers, with hinged or folding doors, both wall-mounted and freestanding, or resting on a graphic base, in a wide range of sizes and heights: the collection is a modular system of modular units with inexhaustible combinations. The wide range meets all the personalization needs, with a surprisingly wide and flexible modularity, enhancing the living area with lines and shapes that design the room whatever the size of the spaces to be furnished.

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Sleek, clean geometric forms, clever interplay of solids and spaces, subtle or striking colour combinations, numerous finishes with diverse tactile and visual appeal, the option of the unique feel of unique when referred to natural slatestone, special accessories and complements and a superior custom-created integrated stereo sound system hidden inside the structure and exploiting its qualities for excellent acoustics. This is Spazio, the modular system offering closed and open storage modules, designed to satisfy any spatial, visual and functional needs. It shows in the details, like the exclusive metal C-shaped support system, patented by Pianca to allow total freedom in use of interior spaces. The incredible variety of available sizes and finishes means Spazio can furnish all contemporary living spaces, from living, kitchen and dining areas to bedrooms and bathrooms.