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Heavy-duty and high-quality floor door stopper with handle

Door stops from PHOS Design

Product description

Product description:
Door stopper with handle bar. For free floor positioning. With O-ring and non-slip plastic contact surface.
Ideal for doors with greater ground clearance, e.g. balcony or patio doors.

Diameter 90 mm
Height 420 mm
Weight 7.55 kg

Solid stainless steel, elements finely turned from one piece. With O-ring and cellular rubber base.


Floor door stoppers that are not screwed in place can even stop heavy doors due to their own weight. Freely positionable and equipped with an anti-slip coating made of cellular rubber on the underside, our standard version weighs 2.3 kilos with a diameter of 90 mm. The design with shadow gap is the same, the surface is also finely turned. This also applies to our door stopper with stainless steel handle bar as a free-standing model. It can be positioned anywhere without bending down.

More about this product

Part of the collection DOOR STOPPER / WALL DOOR STOPPER.
Manufacturer PHOS Design
Family Free-standing floor door stopper
Architonic ID 1204670
Order number TSB90-145G450

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