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Lumiblade is OLED lighting at Philips and definitely more than just another light source – it is a highly-adaptable material that removes the boundaries of shape and size associated with conventional lighting. It offers incredible potential to change the way we use light to shape objects and architecture. At the forefront of OLED technology, Philips Lumiblade demonstrates unique characteristics and capabilities that can redefine lighting, and the way we use and experience it: its homogenous output, unusual appearance, low heat emission, extremely flat nature and high degree of controllability. These factors open up endless opportunities to create groundbreaking new lighting concepts and experiences, which will in turn provide consumers with dramatic and unexpected ways to create atmosphere in a room. Available in various sizes and colors, Lumiblade panels can currently measure up to 144 cm2. In addition to symmetrical panels, other shapes such as oval, round and free forms are possible too. Lumiblades are available in all colors, upon request. The colors emitted are produced by mixing RGB molecule materials so that even specific color shades can be created.