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We don’t really like talking about quality. Quality is something you have a right to expect. PHILIP wants to surprise though, with aspirations that series production cannot fulfil,with a love of detail you can only feel and experience when the standards you set yourself are higher than the norm. Every PHILIP table is an individual piece and it serves a culture – table culture. Rosenthal makes tables designed to exceed your expectations, expectations of uniqueness, culture, design, function.

me is made for you because me is an expression of your high expectations of quality. The critical factor in this regard is design, which allows you to put a greater focus on the real culture of the table. me offers almost limitless possibilities and thanks to the innovative cross arm construction me allows spans of up to 3 metres. In its representative appearance, however, a me table can still be assembled and varied without tools. That’s why it reflects our aspirations of living quality that you have a right to expect from a PHILIP table. In life anything can happen.

A major part of our life is work. A key part of our work is communication. Communication that is optimised with ever new aids because it is becoming more and more important. PHILIP integrates technology in such a way that it is not at the centre of attention – so that decision makers do not become users, but rather the table and its culture are at the centre of attention. me makes everything you can expect from a table possible. But one thing in particular – successful communication and a positive atmosphere.