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Yucca Blaze 60x60 cm
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The Neo Hedonism line, a product with an absolute innovative value for its design and work procedure, is an elegant new proposal for indoor wall covering. It consists of natural stone slabs on which, thanks to the action of high-precision numerical controlled machinery and meticulous technical study, engravings are made representing drawings and geometrical figures. The light and shade effect thus obtained on the tooled surface gives the stone a high decorative value, making it particularly suitable for completing important housing environments. The engravings are obtained exclusively by means of a mechanical process which contemplates the removal of excess material. The great intrinsic value of the resulting product lies in the use of an ‘antique’ craftsman’s procedure, such as that of a sculptor, reproposed on an industrial scale with advanced technologies which allow a precision and neatness of lines that could not be achieved otherwise.
Besides a high design value, the slabs present characteristics that are well suited to present requirements, such as bio-building, because they are a natural product, obtained exclusively through mechanical processes, therefore without the use of potentially harmful chemical agents. They have characteristics of sound absorbance; they can also be applied as ventilated walls, with advantages such as temperature control and the possibility of concealing exposed pipes and cables.
The Neo Hedonism line is composed of six different models, proposed in three materials (Blaze, Cohiba, Shade), produced in modular formats 60x60x2 and specific sub-formats for each model. The protection offered by professional treatments allows the wall coverings to be applied anywhere in the home, even in the dampest areas such as the bathroom.
The lighting of the room is of particular importance: an oblique light, provided by carefully positioned spotlights, will accentuate the three-dimensional effect created by the workmanship of the surface; on the other hand, natural sunlight will create different effects throughout the day.

The materials used to make the Neo Hedonism line are limestone, natural stone that is easily worked and uniform in colour, without the veining found in other types of stone which would disturb the visual effect created by the engravings. Limestone is a rock of sedimentary origin composed mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), as well as variable quantities of clay, quartz, sand and iron oxide which, combined together, give the stone its colour. Unlike marble and granite, limestone is very porous and for this reason it is not suitable for applying outdoors. Besides reducing the specific weight of the material (appreciably lower than that of marble and granite), porosity gives limestone an intrinsic sound-absorbing property, which is a very important characteristic in modern residential contexts. Like all natural products, limestone is subject to more or less accentuated variations in colour and may present minute excoriations and tiny holes; these are to be considered merits and intrinsic characteristics of the material. The photos and samples supplied by PETRA ANTIQUA srl are to be considered purely indicative and cannot be held as binding in any way.

60 x 60 x 2 cm
24”x 24”x 3/4”