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MOS/2,5 Dark Gold 800 Mosaic
MOS Mosaic
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Flooring elements-Mosaics >
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Product description

Mosaic cm 2,5 x 2,5 (1”x 1”)
Graphite Slate


Art, with its multiple expressions, is the means by which the historical heritages of the great civilisations of the past have come down to us with their store of knowledge, experience and beauty. Decoration, involving a wide variety of techniques, is perhaps the deepest expression of artistic spirit to reveal itself, over the centuries, in such a large number of styles and trends. Petra Antiqua has made a further addition to its vast range of decorations by launching a new and elegant series: Acqueforti.
The technique of acquaforte etching has been known ever since Medieval Times and was perfected during the fifteenth century. Bymeans of painstaking acid-etching processes performed with the help of totally handmade templates, it can create an infinite variety of precious and refined basrelief effects that Petra Antiqua interprets on its tiles, listels and mosaics. Adapted to modern industrial production processes, this ancient acidetching technique allows absolutely original and precious decorative forms to be expressed through the creativity and skill of craftsmen. The traditional and contemporary decorations in the new Acqueforti line by Petra Antiqua are extremely versatile as they can be installed both on floors and walls, thereby offering customers the possibility of fully personalising each room they are installed in.

Acqueforti Lacche
For the lines Acqueforti Lacche the tonalities accordance could never been guaranteed between different sizes of the same marble. Tonalities could not be homogeneous, also if purchased at the same time. Depending of the handwork for the lines Acqueforti Lacche every single sample must be considered indicative and not bending for the tonality. Evident discrepancy may appear between the sample and the delivered material.

General technical information and product characteristics
Our products are hand-made. The dimensions and thicknesses indicated in the price-list are purely nominal due to the fact that the sides are rounded during the tumbling process. More or less accentuated colour differences compared with the settings shown in the catalogues should be considered as innate characteristics of natural marble. The colours and shadings of the materials illustrated in the catalogue are not binding. All samples supplied by Petra Antiqua are purely indicative and non-binding, also as concerns colours. Given the characteristicsof natural stone, Petra Antiqua can never guarantee that the colour of different formats of the same type of marble will be the same; colours may not be uniform even if the formats are requested on the same order. Petra Antiqua cannot guarantee that the colour of completion orders will be the same as the previously delivered lot as the colours of natural stone cannot be classified. Though we take utmost care and attention in choosing raw materials and observe extremely accurate processing parameters, the customer must check the quality of the delivered material before installing it. During installation, moreover, the teseras should be taken alternately from different boxes.