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shelf 03
shelf 03
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you can feel it is somehow different

the reason is a new idea of shelf construction. in comparison to traditional shelves the shelf 03 is not built on the principle of cheeks. it completely rests in itself with its self-weight making it stable, additionally enforced by belt or stainless steel wires. the sliding fronts are available in coloured or white acrylic glass. configure the shelf 03 according to the levels you need and choose between the height of level of 24 or 37 cm. so the shelf 03 has a huge variety in appearance and offers you a individual configuration just the way you wish.

the meta office is a combination of the shelf 03 and the metatable containing the basic elements of an office: the desk and shelf. metatable and shelf 03 complement each other in height and in width. you arrange the clear furniture next to each other, side by side or free in space.