Product description

Woodskin® surface

Product family


Natural wood for internal cladding

Due to its resistance and strength, Dry Internal is the ideal wall and ceiling covering for high transit areas: conference rooms, auditoriums, offices, hotels, etc. The Woodskin® finish allows you to feel the nuances and grain of natural wood.

Wet Internal is perfect for bathrooms, gyms, saunas, swimming pools or porches. Interiors with great personality and special properties as far as resistance to moisture and maintenance. Wet Internal provides the necessary protection and contributes to a pleasant, intimate atmosphere. Its bakelite core is enveloped on either side by layers of timber and protector film.

Acoustic is the solution for projects which may require a determined sonority. Parklex provides boards that combine a MDF composed core and the traditional natural wood surface with different types of perforations, depending on the necessary acoustic absorption.

Walls and Ceilings is designed for its continuous use, with no need for further treatment, which makes it an exemplar model of sustainability and comfort throughout its life.

Panel dimensions
2440 x 1220 mm
2700 x 1220 mm

Surface characteristics
Smooth - Traditional Parklex finish. Reveals the simple, natural beauty of the wood it is manufactured with.
Available for: Wet Internal

A surface characteristic that express- es the feel, nuances and highlights of natural wood.
Available for: Wet Internal, Dry Internal and Acoustic