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Ptolomeo Vino – wine rack
Ptolomeo Vino
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Opinion Ciatti – Ptolomeo Vino – portabottiglie – design Bruno Rainaldi, 2010 – 2018.
Portabottiglie verticale self standing in acciaio. Base incisa con la firma del designer. Due misure.
Può contenere diverse tipologie di bottiglie di vino favorendone la corretta conservazione e l'invecchiamento naturale.
Finiture colonna e mensole: opache nero laccato o effetto corten; lucide bianco laccato RAL 9003 o acciaio inox mirror con interno mensole in finitura satinata.
Finiture base: opache nero laccato o effetto corten; lucide bianco laccato RAL 9003 o acciaio inox mirror.
Accessori: le mensole sono corredate da pratici elastici antiscivolo lavabili.
Note: capacità 16/22 bottiglie a seconda della misura.
Misure: base 40x40 cm, altezza 155 o 213 cm.

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"Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.” - Molière
A glass of our favorite wine and that book that we are engrossed in. Very often our moments of greatest relaxation are imagined in the company of a good book and an excellent glass of wine. Ptolomeo Vino becomes the summary of this idea, representing the scenographic bottle rack version of Original Ptolomeo, the famous free standing book shelves designed by Bruno Rainaldi, winner of the Compasso d’Oro 2004 and soon became an icon of contemporary design.
In the same way as with Original Ptolomeo, the Ptolomeo Vino is the storage unit that, once again, allows its content to stand in the limelight. The wine bottles are the absolute protagonists, appearing to float in the air, their labels becoming a strongly decorative feature. Conceived from the drafts left by Bruno Rainaldi, Ptolomeo Vino is a steel column connected to a system of concave shelves, specifically developed to hold a wide variety of different wine bottles. The supports have been designed to be as invisible as possible, to give the appearance the bottles are “suspended”. Slim, elegant and essential, it is the perfect solution for both domestic environments and the contract world: hotels, restaurants, wineries, wine shops and wherever wine is more than just a passion. Also available in a wall version (that if possible enhances even more its scenographic effect), Ptolomeo Vino is available in three different sizes and in four different finishes, from pure white to shiny stainless steel, from the traditional black to an antique corten effect.