Product family


docks are ophelis‘ response to wide-reaching new office requirements. Previously underused areas of the office will fulfil – as a complement to the classic work desk – the new requirements of an evolving way of working. These zones can be used as places to work and to communicate, as well as for quiet contemplation.

- docks are islands in the office
- docks create connections and transitions
- docks provide an interface and a meeting point
- docks offer a place for quiet concentration and relaxation
- docks are a shared piece of furniture
- docks is a modular system

The special features of ophelis docks

- variety of options
- freely configurable
- electrical connections possible
- variety of add-ons
- high-quality upholstery
- wide selection of covering materials
- self-contained design
- integral product approach
- compatible in dimensions and design with other
- ophelis furniture systems

ophelis docks as a classic lounge environment in a waiting or reading area within an open space. Take a seat – much more than just a place to sit, the docks sofa is a haven of peace and quiet, a meeting place and a multimedia communications point all rolled into one.