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CN Series Side table
CN Series
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+ Product family: electrically adjustable sitting/standing tables, grid tables, meeting tables, conference systems
+ C-leg (work tables), T-leg (conference tables), cross base with middle column (meeting tables)
+ Column consisting of round (D=70 mm) or square tube (70x70 mm)
+ Extra flat foot stabilizer
+ Three height adjustment screws per extension for optimal stability
+ Height adjustment variants:
∙ Work tables with manual toolless grid mechanism (620 - 860 mm)
∙ Electrically height-adjustable, two-column (680 - 1,180 mm) or three-column (650 - 1,270 mm) work tables
∙ Conference tables, fixed height (720 mm) or electrically height-adjustable (740 - 1,050 mm)
∙ Meeting tables, cross base, fixed height or height adjustable via gas spring (720 - 1,120 mm)
+ Power supply for work tables:
∙ Base: foldable cable channel, fixed tabletop
∙ Sliding tabletop
∙ Comfort electrification ""flap"": rear top section can be folded up for convenient access to the cable channel across the full width of the desk
∙ Comfort electrification with metal organisation rail (width 40 mm) on the rear tabletop end, sliding tabletop with brush: for force-fit attachment of additive elements while retaining the sliding tabletop function and convenient access to the cable channel
+ Special features, conference tables:
∙ Convenient interlinking possible without tools (""infinite"" fixed tables; electrically adjustable tables up to 3 side legs, max. 4 m)
∙ Frame indented by 35 cm on the side – for comfortable seating position in front of head
∙ Optionally available with userbase, for convenient access to power supply