Product description

The Disco table has a simple design that makes it discreet and functional.
The table is height adjustable for a wide range of uses, and is made up of a central column and base in stainless steel, and a round surface in a variety of dimensions and finishes to suit the client's taste.

Dimensions: (width x depth x height)
from 40cm(diam) x 75 cm to 40 x 110 cm
Weight: around 22 kg

Material: 8mm round steel plate
Finishes: Blasted chrome or colour epoxy

Material: 50mm diameter round steel tube
Finitions: Chromé brillant ou Epoxy Couleur

Dimensions: Variable top sizes
Max Dimension: 70 x 70 or 80cm diameter round
Material: Beechwood, Compact, Laminate or 8mm security glass
Finishes: Colours as per sample card