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On the rocks metallic | RCA4699
On the rocks metallic
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non-woven textile wallcovering
90cm (35" 1/2), sold by cut length

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The name of this Omexco collection of printed non-woven wallcovering can be interpreted in two ways:

The collection is built around the theme of stone and wood effects/textures - and the wide range of lively and natural colours are supposed to bring you in the right mood to relax, and to savour your favourite drink “on the rocks”.

The designs of the collection remind nature, and nature/our environment were permanently on our mind when we developed “On the Rocks”. The products obtained an ecological label (they meet the ecological standards of IGI, international wallcovering association), an FSC® label (licence code C001706), they are manufactured with recycled fibres, and printed thanks to solar energy.

The colours bring you from the forests to the mountains, with subtle shades of natural rock, stone and marble – foliage green, oak, mahogany, sandalwood, white birch… And you’ll cross a few lakes, a clear blue one, during the day, and a mysteriously dark one, at twilight…

A few flashy colours, however “compatible” with natural shades, were added to complete the range : mustard, mauve, raspberry, rust-colour – and, for some items, the printed colour is enhanced with the metallic lustre of silver, copper, bronze, gold…