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Truffle palm mosaic
Palm Panel Flex
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Omarno Palm Panel Flex are 100% hand made using coconut shell which is an unutilised industry by product and requires no trees to be cut down, ensuring you are not contributing to the destruction of forests around the world.
This is a new generation of Architectural surface material. The innovation of this beautiful material combines the best of modern technology and nature, giving an opportunity to make a quality sustainable choice that has an E ZERO formaldehyde emissions rating.
Omarno’s Palm Panels are beautiful, extremely durable and strong. So the applications are numerous, even in the most demanding of environments.

Flexibility is clearly an advantage, especially when working with curved or waved surfaces. With a flexible mesh backing, or a bendable cork backing, Omarno Palm Panels Flex opens doors to many new applications.
Durable and light in weight, Palm Panel Flex can be applied to both flat surfaces and curved surfaces where other panels can’t be applied.
The invisible seam is a "visible" feature of Palm Panels Flex. The seamless feature provides a continuous flow of texture, making it impossible to see where one panel stops and next starts.

Two Options
Palm Panel Flex is available in two options - both are flexible, light in weight, and seamless:
Palm Panel Flex Surface: the Palm Panel surface is available in numerous design placements and colors.
The main difference is that the mosaic option has small caps between each chip so that a grout can be applied. Both options use an adhesive spread that allows the sheets to stick solidly to the substrate.