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Dakota palm panel
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Palm Panels come in both three-dimensional and smooth inlay finishes providing endless opportunities to create visionary projects that demand a strong aesthetic statement whilst still being considerate to the environment.
Omarno’s Palm panels provide contemporary and luxurious solutions with dramatic visual effects and cutting edge interior design options for all commercial and residential projects. The variation of colours, patterns and textures ensures that Omarno has a panel suitable for your creative design ideas.

The placement of the coconut chip is one of the fundamental components of the finished design. The placement of the coconut chips for the smooth designs is a form of art and is achieved by hand placing coconut chips either vertically or horizontally onto the plywood in distinctive patterns. Once these coconut chips are in place on the plywood which serves as a backing, filler is then applied, filling and securing each chip and giving the palm panel its solid surface and colored backdrop. Or alternatively, no filler is added as for three-dimensional finish which retains the natural and textured surface.

Installation Possibilities
The Palm Panels make a variety of interior applications possible, for example: furniture, interior wall cladding, store fixtures, hospitality interiors and spa projects, screens, ceilings, commercial mill work, doors, art work, pillars, splash backs, tile features and marquetry.