Its intended use is transversal and therefore its shape reaches a maximum degree of simplicity. The Universal series is designed to delineate the often too empty walls of our buildings. Alternatively vertical or horizontal and protected by a special mirrored glass that, as if by magic, lets the light shine through or softens it with a discreet white on white silkscreen print when it is switched on, the Universal offers many possibilities for personalization. Its very simply engineered glass shade can be replaced with coloured or variously decorated parts.

Wall lamp giving direct and diffused light. Structure in glossy aluminium, sand-blasted glass diffuser, ''stopsol'' or black front glass diffuser.

1 x max 40W - G9
→ 10 cm ↔ 10,5x8 cm

1 x max 100W - R7s.15
→ 10 cm ↔ 21,5x8 cm