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Pappi I writing desk
Pappi I & II
Olby Design
Kerstin Olby
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Pappi side tables with a top of limestone. Comes in many different lengths and materials. The first table to be sold was ordered by a priest and made by a Finnish carpenter to find its place in the sacristia. The joiner gave the side table its name Pappi, which means "priest" in Finnish. "Nordiska museet" (The Nordic Museum) has elected this piece of furniture to represent present time.

Natural ash, oak or walnut, white waxed, black stained or lacquered in colour. Top of limestone in a grey or mocha colour.

Dimensions: H 73 cm W 110/130/150 cm D 36 cm

Materials: Ash, oak or walnut. Limestone.
Finishings: Natural ash, oak or walnut. Black or white stained ash. White vaxed oak.
Other: PAPPI I: 1 rows/3 drawers. PAPPI II: 2 rows/3 drawers

Pappi writing desk belongs to the same family as Pappi side tables and is named thereafter. 
The first table was ordered by a priest and made by a Finnish carpenter for placement in the sacristy. He named the side table to Pappi which means priest in Finnish. Nordic Museum has selected this furniture to it´s exhibition, where it represents contemporary furniture design. Desk with three drawers and top of limestone in grey or mocha.

Dimensions: H 73 cm W 110/130 cm D 50 cm

Materials: Ash, oak or walnut. Limestone
Finishings: Natural ash or oak. White stained ash or white vaxed oak.