Key facts


Tratti, sound absorber Designed by Laura Tuorila, developed by Okko Design

Tratti is a sculptural space structure and sound absorber.
It is designed to be used indoor public spaces as in libraries, waiting halls or open offices. Aim in the design was to define a certain space from above.
Depending of Tratti ́s size, number and height of the mounting, it creates different kind of spaces.
Used materials are textile wool and aluminum.
Standard size 2-5 m diameter but even availabe in bespoked sizes.
Standard with 15 colors or as a special in any colors.

Laura Tuorila is a young Finnish designer and artist. Laura studies spatial design in Aalto University of Art and Design and has studied also architecture in Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
Laura works in the field of architecture, spatial art, dance and circus art.