The linear construction of the KREDO wall lamp makes it easy to incorporate in contemporary architecture. The fixture is constructed from a base on which the lamp holder, the light source and the electronic ballast are mounted. There is a casing with an integrated matt synthetic plate that can be provided either in direct or direct/indirect design as required. KREDO comes in different lengths.

Technical specifications
Material and finish: Anodised aluminium (RAL 0001) or aluminium - alu grey (RAL 9006), opal fitting cover.
Sizes: Width 400, 600, 900, 1200 or 1500mm. Height 55mm. Depth 100mm.
Light distribution: Uplight, downlight or uplight/downlight.
Light sources: 24 W TC-L fluorescent lamp T5 or 14/21/24/28/35 W T16 fluorescent lamp T5.
Socket/holder: 2G11 or G5 230 V.
Lumen: 1200-3650 lm.
Ballast: ECG.
Safety Classifications: I.
Ingress Protection: IP40.