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JTJ chandelier
JTJ chandelier
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When a lamp is part of a project with artistic works, as is the case with the lighting in the two meeting rooms in the Danish Parliament, with a painting by the Greenlandic artist Aga Høgh in the small room and a painting by the Danish artist Ninna Steen Knudsen in the other, is it a hard task to make the lamp be seen as more than just a simple light source. The Danish architects Henrik Levison and Dorte Andersen, have mastered this task to perfection with custom made JTJ chandeliers designed by architect Jørgen Toft Jessen. JTJ chandeliers are in itself an architectural masterpiece and a fine piece of art.
The combination of the materials polished brass and stainless steel gives the chandeliers a unique look, which underlines their artistic appearance. Also, the chandeliers fulfil the functional requirements set by the architect. Architect Levison attached great importance to the possibility of adjusting the lighting level to underline and emphasize the art and also to ensure that the lighting level is perfect during meetings in the rooms.