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And while his waiting for his Lord, he makes a curious machine, that shows to the eye many amazing things.‎
C.‎Goldoni, Il Mondo novo

The art of illusion has always been able to involve people’s senses, making them uncertain about the reality.‎ Thanks to optical tricks, new images take form, created to enchant the viewer.‎ He watches“ a reality that allows him to explore other worlds, fill the voids, make the absence presence, carefully shape desires”, and becomes a real projection for his ego.‎ These are New Worlds.‎

The curiosity about the mechanism of New Worlds, comes from the desire to go boyond the bidimensionality of surfaces trying to chase an emotion instead.‎ Daylight is used to illuminate an usual scene, but is during the night that fantasy doors are opened and the viewer is projected into a New World.‎ Here, usual schemes do not exist, replaced by unconscious rules, able to amaze whoever wants to follow them.‎

Collection available:
- on Kerlite® thin laminated stoneware (size 100 x 300, thickness 3,5 mm) to create themes of total dimensions 500 x 300 cm;
- print on paper or nonwoven vinylic support;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for interior wallcovering.‎‎‎‎ The image can be customized;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for indoor application also in moisture spaces.‎‎‎‎