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Ceramic tiles from Officinarkitettura

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What gets our interest the most is often encluded in a single moment that, as fast as it comes, goes away leaving us with the unpleasant feeling that we did not manage to catch its ephemeral beauty in time.‎ But it is not like that, because the essence of that very moment unknowingly has entrenched in us and fills us with joy and wonder every time it comes to our memory.‎ “Essence” is about this beauty, about colors, perfumes, moments that deeply move us and feed our senses.‎ Sometimes the wonder is contained in unexpected things, it has to be sought in nature boundaries and in its creatures details, while sometimes it is right in front of us, ready to be cought.‎ We only have to let us go.‎

Collection available:
- on Kerlite® thin laminated stoneware (size 100 x 300, thickness 3,5 mm) to create themes of total dimensions 500 x 300 cm;
- print on paper or nonwoven vinylic support;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for interior wallcovering.‎‎‎‎ The image can be customized;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for indoor application also in moisture spaces.‎‎‎‎
Manufacturer Officinarkitettura
Family Essence
Architonic ID 20236499
Year of Launch 2019

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