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Höganäs ECO 55
Höganäs ECO
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Product description

Höganäs ECO 55 Sit-up is an office chair designed to fulfill all the demands that the modern computer-focused workplace places on flexibility and effectiveness. In order to create maximum versatility when it comes to changing seating positions, Höganäs ECO 55 Sit-up is equipped with an advanced chair mechanism that has three balance axles, ensuring that the chair moves in harmony with the body.

Höganäs ECO 55 Sit-up is equipped with a balance cushion inserted in the front edge of the seat. This cushion is not noticeable when one uses the chair normally, but it prevents one from sliding off when the chair height is raised and the seat is tilted forward. With this seating solution, it is possible to adjust the chair height to find an individual height for a half-standing position. This height is correct when the pelvis is rotated forward and one feels a straight, balanced spinal posture. Half-standing has all the advantages of standing, but takes the pressure off of legs and feet.

Höganäs ECO 55 is the larger model in the ECO family, suitable for people with normal, medium builds. The other, smaller model is called Höganäs ECO 50. ECO is also available without the Sit-up function, and is then only called Höganäs ECO 55.


The chair Höganäs ECO is specifically designed to cater to all the requirements of a user working at a height adjustable workstation. The advanced mechanism, incorporating three balance shafts, enables Höganäs ECO to offer the maximum number of possibilities for varied posture and a chair that always is in synchronisation with the body.

Höganäs ECO is available in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large, individually adjusted for all sizes of user. The chair’s balance function works by utilising a special, unique cushion incorporated in the front of the seat pad design. This will support the user whilst adopting a ”perching” position.