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Stone Coffee table
Stone Coffee table
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The Stone came to life from a sketch I had in my sketchbook, but of which nothing had been made. I always thought this would be an exciting design.
Eventually, it became this coffee table that I worked on with Odesi.
One Stone is characterized by peace and tranquility. Passive and motionless in itself. By placing more of them together something special happens. What was empty space at first, nowform a dynamic lines.
The different ways to look at the Stone makes it all the more interesting. Sometimes you design an object that you keep on wanting to look at it, and this is one of these objects.
The Stone coffee table is made out of four separate but identical pieces. Each single piece is asymmetric, but all the pieces together create a whole.
The complete Stone coffee table (as pictured) consists of 4 pieces:
120 x 120 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
The Stone is a modern coffee table which can be used in various ways. The seperate parts can be modularly used to create smaller or bigger tables.
Depending on the space and company you are able to combine pieces for the best configuration. You could use a single piece as a side table or create two table's consisting of two pieces each.
The Stone is composed out of many layers of wood. Each layer shaped differently and arranged gradually, this gives the Stone its remarkable shape. Light striking each layer diffirently is one of the beautiful effects of this construction.
The edges are specially tooled to provide them with a rough surface which has a quality feeling. Because of this, the antracite coloring also has more depth to it.
The tabletop is made to be very durable in daily usage. We have chosen a material that is insusceptible to liquids, temperature or discoloration.
The Stone is a true piece of design but one which you can also really use. This table is resistent to marks, scratches and stains. Drinking glasses, hot cups of coffee or tea can be placed on the table without worrying.

Anthracite / White

1 piece: 76 x 57 x 30 cm
4 pieces (complete): 120 cm x 120 cm x 30 cm