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Slide Dining Table Naturel
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Remy Meiejrs about the Slide: “In my opinion tables have to be very sturdy. You should be able to eat at the table and also sit or stand on it.
That is why I’ve chosen European Oak for the Slide. The construction is hefty and entirely solid. The strenght of the table lies in it’s simplicity. Hopefully the beauty of the design will last just as long as the table will physically.”
There are no straight vertical lines on this table. All edges are slightly slanted. This is best seen in the legs which are iconical for the Slide’s design.

The Slide table is made of beautiful European oak-wood which is dried and processed skilfully. We select the best parts of the oak and this can be seen in the beautiful wood structure in the tabletop.

Odesi works with high-quality finishing oil. This oil renders the Oak to repel water and be resistant to most types of stains. We provide a maintenance set, including spare oil, with each product.

A well made oak table will last a lifetime. With the also supplied oil you can keep your table in a perfect condition.

Oak, oiled

Naturel, Charcoal
Elephant Grey, Savanne

240 x 105 x 75 cm
260 x 105 x 75 cm
300 x 105 x 75 cm

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