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Timeless Beauty captured in Glass.
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Nya Nordiska has a unique reputation for creating space using its textile design flair. With our product line Nya Walls we combine outstanding textile design with high-tech material innovation. It is all about developing ambitious new ideas for interior design. After launching our inimitable wall panels with a surpassing detailed weaving structure in 2011, this year we are proud to present something absolutely new: Tex Glass® - a unique fusion of textiles and glass. A collection of 21 extraordinary laminated glass designs have been created in partnership with Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain, an established international glass expert. Based upon their technical know how, Tex Glass® can be used as partitions, doors, balustrades, shop windows, table tops or shelves.This new material allows us to enjoy Nya Textiles in a new, exciting and innovative way – timeless beauty captured in glass. Tex Glass® a product of Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain, and Nya Nordiska - a fusion of innovative materials and international partnership.

Transparent wall design with textile glass

For designing Tex Glass®, 21 extraordinary decoration fabrics have been chosen from the Nya Textiles world of Pure Perfection. Within two sheets of glass, the textile is fixed between two interlayer films. The multilayer glass produced is then autoclaved at high temperature. The 3-dimensional effect of the weaving structures is then conserved. The layered films filter out 99% of the ultraviolet light, thus protecting the textile designs from fading. Processing with safety glass is possible. Tex Glass® satisfies every constructional and material standard for interior applications. It can also be used, with some limitations, for moist rooms and outdoor areas. More information is available upon request. The production method of Tex Glass® is patented. Tex Glass® is produced, delivered and also installed, if required, by the worldwide network of Glassolutions. Applications for interior use: doors; partitions; flooring flags, staircase steps; balustrades; display windows; tables, desks, bookshelves.

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Tex Glass® can be manufactured in float glass (PLANILUX), hardened glass (PLANIDUR) or safety toughened glass (SECURIT). In the case of PLANIDUR or SECURIT, borings of up to 50 mm are also possible. The borders of Tex Glass® glassware are finished after the glass has been assembled, except in the case of toughened glass. Min. dimension 200 mm x 300 mm. Larger formats are possible on request in the case of diamond glass combinations. A difference +/- mm of the motif with regards to the border of the glass is tolerated. The motif dimension tolerance also reaches +/- 3mm/ml. In all cases the production of a prototype is recommended before the project goes into production.

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More textile in space.Nya Nordiska has an unique reputation for creating space using its textile design flair. With.our product line Nya Walls we combine outstanding textile design with high-tech material.innovation. It is all about developing