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Designed by the award-winning designers Fritz Frenkler and Anette Ponholzer, Kiss is a clear retreat from the classical office, increasing and improving creativity, intelligence and inventiveness.

Kiss is an office furniture system with integrated room-dividing elements. The simple underlying multipurpose form of the table hinges on a design concept that favors a friendly human design over a techy image. Functions have been kept to the bare minimum: such as table height adjustment and handles for cupboard elements. The spectrum of available colors means the furniture system can be matched to the corporate design of the particular company .

Nurus envisages establishing the venture in the upper segment of design-oriented companies. The first move was made three years ago with the "I/X" range, and this is now being followed by Kiss. While back in those days the focus had been on the so–called "executive bracket", this time it was intended to be a system which would be as versatile and plain as possible.

In a manner of speaking, Kiss is a something of a kit based on the height-adjustable standard table that consist of two U-shaped leg units and one table top. Further elements are lowboards and highboards, storage units, small round boxes with a cushion up top (poufs) and a modesty – wall system. Single and group workplaces can hence be configured just as a call-centre situation.
The range leaves nothing to be desired in the way of functionality, to the inclusion of the "fun factor" expressed by portholes and communication islands.

The joyful and unique ambiance of Kiss creates an office that is functional and organized, at the same time obtaining optimum productivity.

Design oriented architectural spaces are replacing the standard, mass-produced office spaces. Instead of machinelike, complicated office systems, Kiss offers a simple, user-friendly and versatile system. All panel walls are free-standing and this flexibility allows you to create layouts and work places fast and easy.
Kiss environment reflects the international and democratic orientation of Nurus as well as its honest and clear point of view. The post formed table with universal four legs makes up the product work equally with operational, executive and as conference tables.
The functions are technically reduced to the maximum, like the height adjustment of the desks or the electrification tray for your cabling network. The table–shelf works also as a storage box for surplus cables and a pouf/footrest becomes an electrification box.

Kiss has its own product personality. It emphasizes the corporate culture with its unity and uniqueness. The 13 cm thick panels work as walls to seperate different working zones. It also has an oxeye option to provide a visual contact with the physical environment.

Kiss has a special solution for Call Centers in order to minimize the isolation and maximize motivation by its exciting and innovate design.
Personalization increases motivation. Kiss elements become individual by use of few, but versatile accessories.
Kiss redefines the boundaries of office space. In this perspective it provides new personal solutions with the same manner to high and semi ececutive offices.

Our offices become more and more our living spaces. In this respect Kiss does not only fulfill the functional needs of the daily work routine but due to its humanitarian essence, it also underlines the aspects of life in the office.

One of the main goals of Kiss system is to increase office efficiency and productivity by its uniques components and its user friendly structure.

The floor mats make the offices cosier, casual and joyful while they create an appealing harmony with the poufs and the rest of the elements of the system .

The table can be diagonally separated into two triangles. For a phone call or a short notice at the laptop, there is enough room anyway.

Working arrangement with table, "lowboard" and pouf. Bull’s–eyes in the screens enable visual contact. Reduced to the bare necessities. That’s how the height–adjustable table present itself.

For a dual workplace, two tables are simply pushed together and provided with a "modesty" screen on the work top .