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Isola Media Wall
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Product description

The Media Wall that connects through Nurus Links serves as an unique solution for meetings, presentations and educational purposes. Media Wall is suitable for use with screens that are up to 32 inches in size and allows for easy data transfer, sharing of multimedia and teleconferences. Media Wall offers input for most mobile devices including laptop computers.

Isola Media Wall is a unibody, portable solution. It can be used in conjunction with Isola meeting and working units, also other Nurus products such as To, Stone and Picnic in various lounge and work spaces. Its versatility addresses to dynamic and contemporary needs and to a new work culture overall.

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Working habits change. New needs emerge that call for redefined spaces in the work place. A space that allows for concentration and communication to co-exist... A space for brainstorming activities or minute-meetings... Isola perfectly matches these emerging trends in the workplace.

Isola’s panel heights has been carefully planned to allow for and facilitate uninterrupted eye sight activities; whether it be working, communicating or simply thinking. It’s acoustic absorption capabilities help concentrate to the work at hand, even more easily. Upholstered panels introduce warmth and intimacy. For spaces that need definition and offices that are more productive, Isola provides a perfect solution.

Media Wall allows for presentations and remote conferences to be realized without leaving the seat. Being compact and mobile, it may serve as a perfect addition to all Nurus furniture.