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WABI SABI Ntgrate® Kult
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Increase the visual impact of your floor.

Ntgrate® Kult has a very individual, unique look. Thanks to the different shapes and/or laying patterns you can create very diverse effects using the same product.

Perhaps that timeless classic 'draughts board' suits your project. But if you're looking for a completely different look, there are a number of possibilities. For example, you can give the classic a modern twist with smaller triangles or squares. Or choose an entirely different pattern with a diagonal design.

Ntgrate® Kult allows you to put your own vision in our collection.

The synthetic floorcovering »Ntgrate Kult» is a flat woven fabric made of PVC yarns with glass fibre core and finished with a homogenous PVC backing reinforced with a non-woven glass fibre. The tiles are made on request in the dimensions listed in the catalogue and supplied in boxes of 4 m2.

Thickness : ca 3,3 mm
Total Weight : ca 4.500 gr/m2
Level of use : EN 15114 : Class 33 HEAVY COMMERCIAL public areas
Vetterman : ISO 10361 : 5.000t: ≥ 4 22.000rev:≥3,5
Lisson : EN 1963 : < 30g/m2
Dimensional stability : EN 986 : meets the requirements for loose lay
Doming and curling: EN 986 : meets the requirements
Squareness and straightness of edges: EN 994 : meets the requirements
Castor chair suitability : EN 985 : intensive use
Walking test : ISO 6356 : < 2 kV - permanently antistatic
Acoustical insulation from impact noise : 14 dB
DrumSoundAbsorptionEPLF021029-2: 40%
Light fastness : ISO 105-B02 : ≥7
Slip resistance : EN 13893 : > 0,3
Resistance to fire : EN 13501-1 : Bfls1