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Flow table lamp
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Interior lighting-Table lights >

Product description

Materials: Powder coated steel and zinc, LED
Dimensions: H: 42 x L: 58 x D: 16 cm

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Light and fluid
Flow is a modular LED table lamp with flexible positioning, created by designer Andreas Kowalewski. The Flow table lamp has a simple and flowing design, in which all of the lamp’s parts grow smoothly into each other, just like the branches on a tree.

“I was inspired by the idea of creating a LED table lamp that radiates lightness and agility. In Flow, I wanted to create a lamp whose minimal and slender shape expresses the intrinsic quality of being an easy to use lighting object for your desk,” Andreas Kowalewski tells us.

Flow is built up of four slim metal elements that are joined in three places, but are still able to turn. A very dynamic design that means that the light can be regulated in several directions. The lamp’s overall shape is derived from the movement of each lamp element, but all of the parts merge seamlessly creating the impression that the lamp is made from a single piece. The result is an architecture that is light and fluid.

The LED technology enables Flow’s elegant narrow lamp head, which form a flowing connection with the rest of the lamp. The small, functional details are also beautifully integrated. The small handle on the lamp head and the dimmer switch on the base are just like tiny, natural buds, but are made from eye-catching polished metal so that they can be operated intuitively.

Flow is ideal as a work lamp in the home or in professional office environments, where the sculptural design provides optimum flexibility in lighting even large desks.

Flow is available in black and white, as well as dark green.