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Bent Box
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COLORS: Pale rose, orange rust, elm green
MATERIALS: Birch veneer
DIMENSIONS: L: 23,5 x D: 14,5 x H: 5 cm

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Japanese traditions
Usability and aesthetics go hand in hand in Visibility's Bent boxes for all of your home's smaller items. The idea behind the boxes comes from traditional Japanese magewappa bento boxes made from bentwood. The Bent box's simple, geometric, yet organic shape, achieved by moulding veneer, results in an irresistibly charming and edgy design.
"The shape was created through reduction; by exploring different geometries, we focused on creating a shape that would be useful and easy to understand. Our hope is that the user will intuitively integrate the boxes into their daily lives and use them without thinking twice," Visibility explains.

The Bent box has a practical size that can be useful anywhere in the home. The possibility of stacking several boxes provides flexible storage capacity and invites you to mix different colours of Bent boxes in decorative combinations. The wood's curved, moulded silhouette gives the Bent box an appealing expression, whether it is used on its own or as part of a stacked storage system.
The boxes are available in three trendy shades: pale rose, orange rust and elm green. Use them for stationery, sewing accessories, jewellery and make-up, for creams and personal care in the bathroom, oils and spices in the kitchen or as a neat catch-all.