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From the geographic relief of mountain peaks to the exposed stonework of today’s contemporary spaces, the natural texture and colors offer calm in every environment. Capture this elemental appeal in surfaces that support your most heavily trafficked areas. Create timeless harmony with norament® arago premium rubber flooring. Ideal for busy public spaces, such as hallways and entryways, norament® arago balances durable materials with timeless beauty. Explore the natural connection of emotion, design, and performance.

Promote an atmosphere of welcome calm with norament® arago’s layered, geologic forms. Discover a unique, dimensional floor covering designed to meet modern demands of sustainable performance, partnered with the simplicity of puristic natural design. Enjoy the benefits of unrivaled sound absorption, slip resistance and ergonomic comfort in a durable, low-maintenance floor. Reveal harmony with nature in your busiest environments.

From hallways to crowded public spaces, the calming influence of natural surroundings bring balance to busy environments. Heavy traffic and noise can be disruptive. norament® arago’s soothing values, dimensional aspect and durable materials encourage moments of respite. Let the detail of the natural world shape restful spaces.

norament® arago’s marbled strata and composed palette confirms its role as an essential design element. Explore a modern range of cool grey shades reflecting tones found throughout nature, from rich and exciting to soft and neutral. Achieve further dimension through unique marbling that blends seamlessly through each layer of norament® arago tiles. Discover the harmony of performance, color, and design that go beyond the surface of norament® arago.

Art. 926 arago/3118: 1004 x 502 mm
Art. 926 arago/3119: 998 x 497 mm