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Mirror Sofa
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The MIRROR™ sectional addresses the necessity of change according to the habits of the user. “In today’s internet driven society, a considerable amount of time is spent at home,” explains Nolen, “the sofa usually takes center stage for a variety of activities throughout the day including work, play, watching movies, or relaxing,” continues Niu.
This innovative sectional supports daily activities by adjusting to one’s habits and needs. The backrest conveniently flips up for added back support and as use as a headrest for watching movies or relaxing. The ottoman, which forms the “L” of the sectional and has concealed wheels with a Velcro strap, opens 180 degrees to create a long sofa unit. This rotating ottoman feature also simplifies shipping by reducing the depth of the unit by over 36-inches. The MIRROR™ section can also be joined together with an optional separated ottoman that can interconnect between two sectionals to create a large “U” or without to create a cozier feel.
“One of the main reasons for the connected rotating ottoman was to provide a better solution to “L” sectionals that either have the separate piece that is simply pushed into place or connected with clips,” elaborates Niu, “From most of the people I have spoken to, the general complaint about “L” sectionals with detachable ottomans are that the pieces never stay in place, with or without the furniture clips,” states Nolen.
The MIRROR™ sectional is offered in a variety of color combinations including a 2–toned version in which the underside of the backrest/headrest combination is a contrasting color or have the entire sectional a uniform scheme. The sectional is composted of High Resilience foam with a traditional hardwood frame and has concealed rolling casters for effortless room placement.