Laso barstool

Bar stools from Nolen Niu, Designed by Nolen Niu

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The LASO™ barstool was also value engineer to yield as many parts as possible. “During the early stages of the LASO barstools’ design, we took the time to lay out all the parts on a sheet of flat steel for laser cutting…we wanted to maximize the amount of parts that could be utilized from one sheet of steel,” elaborated Nolen Niu.

In addition to it’s efficient use of materials, the LASO™ barstool also stacks for easy storage. Its cantilever base each fit into one another using an interlocking notch that helps keep all the barstools in place and from tipping over. The footrest too also insures the barstools stacks firmly in place as each on rests on top of each other.

The LASO™ barstool are offer in a wide variety of custom colors that are matched to order. The LASO™ barstool also has the optional gloss painted MDF top or upholstered leather seat for added comfort.
Manufacturer Nolen Niu
Family Laso
Architonic ID 1137838
Year of Launch 2010

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