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NEB Round Table
NEB Table
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Product description

The iconic and architectural cross-leg structure that is the main feature of the “No Early Birds” collection is being used as base.
The construction of the cross-leg is not only light and sturdy, being used as base for the table it also enables you to sit down anywhere without an annoying leg getting in the way of your knee.
Two of the main criteria that directed the design of the collection were ease of assembly and thoughtful and functional detailing. As a result, the circular metal fixings that secure the base to the top are fully visible as elegant details recessed in the table surface. A screw ring for assembly is included.

The table top is available in the following finishes:
White, grey or black laminate with a plywood edge.
Clear-waxed, white-waxed or black-painted oak with a plywood edge.
White, black or green marble.
Brass or Zink with a valchromat edge
The steel-tube cross leg frame is available in a choice of white, black, green or grey powder-coated finishes.
The circular fittings which secure the frame and table top are available in white or black powder-coated metal, steel or brass.

Dimensions (mm):
Diameter 800 - 1400
Height 730

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With the No Early Birds collection Per Soderberg has created an uncompromising and timeless furniture collection that ages with beauty. Everything is being produced in Sweden with great skills and with environmentally responsible methods. A simple yet unique fixing system was designed to help make the transportation and assemblage easier.