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moveable wallpaper sperm
moveable wallpaper sperm
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Nina Levett >
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Moveable wallpapers are modular paintings that can be combined to create a wallpaper effect. Once the hanging system is installed on your wall, you can vary the images in order to create different colour combinations. The patterns are cut out of sticky foil and finished with water based varnish.

The fertility theme is a general one, and regards each individual. Every one of us is derived from a little victorious sperm! The sperm patterns can be funny, but they can also be in orderly or chaotic. Each plate seems to be made for a certain personality.

Identity as a mother is a very personal thing. And yet it is THE moment in life; the most fundamental change in life to date.

"The fertility and sperm series was originally meant to tell a very sad story. I wanted to show the growth of a baby, and then tell the story of how the relationship with the father of the children deteriorated, forcing the woman to leave with two babies in great exasperation. It is also the story of how the father of the children invented an untrue story, and then went to court and tried to get custody. He has terrorized her every since she left him. Life has never been the same for her since. The words don?t come when I try to tell that story, so I struggle with it, and out of that, came this concept of the fertility plates."