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Roxxane Home Desk Luminaire
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Order number:
558-145 (2700 K) 558-149 (3000 K) 558-153 (4000 K)
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Interior lighting-Table lights >
Interior lighting-Table lights >

Product description

LED desk luminaire for the office and the home, diffuser surface made of polycarbonate with aligned conical indentations for reducing glare and directing the light, luminaire head and arm made of aluminium, base plate made of steel and plastic (please order separately), surfaces each powder-coated, flexible supply cord from luminaire to converter, length 1,5 m, thanks to its touchless gesture control system the luminaire can be operated and dimmed intuitively, the high degree of manoeuvrability is achieved by means of precisely calibrated friction joints and the 270° rotatable 3D rod end, the maximum luminous flux adds up to 900 lumens with a colour rendering index of CRI > 90.

620 × 110 x 537 mm
230 V AC (with converter):
2700 K 10,5 W A+ CRI > 90
3000 K 10,2 W A+ CRI > 90
4000 K 9,7 W A+ CRI > 90
900 lm
Light distribution:
100 % direct beam
Protection type:
IP 20

Product family


We are not seeking compromises! And so the Roxxane LED luminaire family, a totally new development realized in close collaboration with the Berlin designer Rupert Kopp, makes absolutely no compromises. In an intensive design and development process lasting almost two years, Nimbus concentrated its long years of LED expertise and channelled it into a professional light tool with highly integrated technology. Form and technology exist in perfect symbiosis in the Roxxane. Despite its puristic appearance, upon closer inspection Roxxane reveals itself to be a sophisticated high-tech product with fascinating special technical features: Three perfectly coordinated and finely calibrated friction hinges allow the user to easily move the luminaire into any desired position. The luminaire head can be tilted through 270°, which means that the light falls exactly where it is wanted. A masterful solution has been found for operating the luminaire: intuitive and touchless gesture control gives the user exactly the right light to suit his or her individual wishes. For the first time ever, an innovative thermal management system has been used in a LED luminaire to increase efficiency, a system hitherto only known in aviation: the air circulates within the aluminium head of the luminaire through the PCB and is discharged directly to the
outside through a narrow, hardly visible ventilation slot. Roxxane is available in white, silver, black and, for the particularly bold, „fluorescent red“!