Product description

Ultra-flat, 10 mm thick, spray water resistant ceiling luminaire for outdoors and damp rooms. Direct mounting. As an option, also available with mounting bracket for cavity (Halox-0 or Ø 68 mm hole). Beam mainly direct (approx. 95 %), wide beam. Additional ceiling lighting and very even, almost ceiling-height illumination of walls from secondary light. External Nimbus converter required. The converter can be integrated in a suspended ceiling or an in-ceiling junction box. The luminaire can be directly fastened to this in-ceiling junction box.

180 × 180 × 10 mm (direct mounting)
180 × 180 × 49 mm (cavity mounting)

Light technology technology,
11 W power supply, 24 V DC
Luminous flux approx. 813 lm
Colour temperature 3000 K
Light distribution 95 % direct beam
Degree of protection IP44

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