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hotel aqua antiglare, double-sided
hotel aqua LED
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Product description outdoor luminaire for glare-free lighting. Stainless steel with brushed surface, clear glass cover. Two-sided or one-sided beam, 100 % direct. Can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or floor. Anti-glare inserts with a variety of louvre arrangements are available to suit any mounting situation.

Ceiling, wall and floor luminaire, double-sided
stainless steel
with converter and longitudinal louvres
20 W = 100 W Halogen
Ø 115 x 218 mm, 20 W Anschlussleistung, 230 V AC ( beidseitig )
1080 lm ( beidseitig )
3000 K
100 % direktstrahlend
*Erdanker zum Einbetonieren im Fundament* Gesamthöhe 400 mm, Ø 90 mm - *Erdspieß zum einschlagen in das Erdreich* Gesamthöhe 450 mm, Ø 90 mm
-*Ground anchor for cementing into foundation* overall height 400 mm, Ø 90 mm - *Ground spike for inserting into the ground* overall height 450 mm, Ø 90 mm

Product family


The Hotel Aqua LED family of luminaires is based on a system that allows a wide variety of different applications – from wall, ceiling and floor luminaires through to bollard luminaires. This family of luminaires is divided into two basic variants in terms of the way light is radiated. Hotel Aqua diffus has matt glass covers without louvres and with a wide, diffuse beam. Hotel Aqua blendfrei, on the other hand, is equipped with antiglare louvre inserts and the beam is narrow to ensure efficient, glare-free lighting. We recommend horizontal louvres when used as a ceiling or floor luminaire and vertical louvres when used as a wall luminaire. The bollard luminaire is available with louvres tilted 25° downwards. Nimbus LED outdoor luminaires enthral with their pleasant warm-white light colour. Our LED outdoor
luminaires feature a further interesting benefit: insects are not attracted by the light from Nimbus LED luminaires.