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ARCADIA promises pure tactile emotions. It is a tile of leather surface, with protruding pattern and three-dimensional effects that draws its inspiration from a precious good: the Earth. The texture, in brown shades, evokes the parched surface with its fissure, atmosphere caressed by the sun, places where nature manifests itself with authentic intensity. Urban and natural merge in harmony, while the surface becomes landscape that dialogues in a dynamical way with fitments and complements. The emotional aspects perfectly combine with the functional ones. Apart from sophisticated stylistically effects, the Arcadia tiles offer, indeed, high reliability and duration in the course of time. Put through a test, they have proven resistance to stains, moulds, abrasion. They are water-repellent, oil-repellent, fireproof and phono-isolating, thus guaranteeing an excellent liveableness in the internal of intimate and muffled atmospheres. Not a coincidence, the surface in true leather proposed by Nextep Leathers has profound roots in the Made in Italy tannery tradition: that of tannery Conceria Priante, partner company, which within half century of activity has managed to translate its own passion for leather into constant research for improvement, into evolution and valorization of the product through quality. It is in this way that leather, only seemingly delicate, has become long-lasting, thanks to continuous investments in design and technical innovation. In Arcadia, like in all tiles of the Nextep Leathers range, the surface in leather is combined with a porcelain support, which guarantees maximum floor solidity and laying readiness, at the same level of a tile in ceramic; or in alternative to a support in porcelain, which allows laying also on already existing floors, in the case of renovations. The numerous formats, also in big dimensions (up to 120x120cm), become modular elements that allow multiple combinations, tickling the composing fantasy of designers and draftsmen, both for laying a floor and for wall coverings. Ideal in inside spaces of interior design projects that merge creative soul and technology, the Arcadia tiles of Nextep Leathers insert themselves with natural versatility in every space: hotel, residence, loft, spa, wellness centre, office, showroom, stand.

General features
water repellent
oil repellent
stain resistant (wine, cola, ketchup)
mould resistant
abrasion resistant PEI rating class 4
fire resistant class 1
noise reduction -12 dB
anti-slip DIN51130-R9
anallergic (no irritations caused by contact)

Daily cleaning of the leather flooring is carried out simply by vacuuming, and/or a cloth dampened with water.