Key facts


Lifestile series
for floor and wall coverings

An original alternative to classic materials such as gres, ceramic, marble or wood, Nextep Leathers tiles for floors and wall coverings are the fruit of a careful technical and stylistic study aimed at finding new applications for leather in the living environment. And they do indeed offer an innovative, well-balanced mix of physical, aesthetic and performance features that are unrivalled within the market.
The LIFESTILE Series includes smooth-finished tiles of leather in its most natural, simple form, offered in eight solid and shaded colours with a refined aesthetic aspect in the colour range.
The structural profile of the tile consists of a ceramic support base, guaranteeing resistance and stability, coupled with a leather surface worked to the highest tanning tradition standards, which gives the tile an imperishable surface and an extraordinary aesthetic finish at the same.
Each base material is suitable for different application requirements and thereby opens up a wide range of possible end uses.
For example the tile on a gres porcelain base guarantees a stable, firm floor by being laid directly on the substrate or screed. It is therefore easy to use either in new buildings or in complete renovations where the existing floor is to be removed.
The tile on a slim gres base, with a thickness of only 5.5mm, is thinner and therefore best in wall covering and also in the case of "light" refurbishments since it may be glued onto existing floors.
In addition, Hpl is a flexible material and this tile is therefore recommended for application on curved walls, arches and columns.
Solid and compact, Nextep tiles lend a touch of refined elegance, softness and natural warmth to environments. Easy to clean, fireproof, water- and oil-repellent, they represent a new concept in flooring, giving space to tactile sensations that reach deep into the soul: as if by magic, environments come alive, breathe, absorb sound and mature over time along with their inhabitants.
A journey into the world of leather can be a wonderful thing. With Nextep Leathers that’s the way it is every day: all it takes is to let the sensation of walking barefoot over a warm, silent leather floor flow through you.

General features:
• Leather tiles are fireproof, insulating, soundproofing, water- and oil-repellent.
• Tile surface can be cleaned simply using a damp cloth.
• The Nextep Leathers cleaning kit can be used to completely restore the tiles to their original shade.
• Laboratory tests, complying with international standards, show that oil, sauces, wine and cola drinks do not stain tiles after cleaning. Ammonia-based products should not be used for any reason.
• Leather has good abrasion resistance and is a “living” material: superficial scratches are reabsorbed and disappear with treading, whereas particularly deep scores become less visible.

Solid and shaded colours:
• Ambra, Nero, Avorio, Moresco, Mogano, Choco, Ardesia, Sabbia

• Smooth surface, natural look leather

• Gres
• Slim Gres
• Hpl

• Gres: 45x45cm, 30x60cm, 60x60cm
• Slim Gres/Hpl: 25x50cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, 100x100cm, 50x100cm, 50x150cm, 20x100cm, 20x150cm and custom made sizes