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NX 620 Fir black brushed
NX 620
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Product description

Rich colours are set off to best effect when alternated with natural tones. In this example, vibrant ruby red and dark wood veneer enter into a fiery liasion. The open, generous planning exudes a cosy ambience: a sociable island in ruby red is accompanied by tall units with retractable doors and sideboard. The elegant glass worktop lends the combination an exclusive touch.

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The authentic charme of a kitchen can be experienced best with fronts of genuine wood which has been naturally and sustainably converted to veneer. Genuine wood in a duet with satin lacquer is a trace more reticent, yet in perfect harmony. This way, a kitchen has been created taking up the material for fronts as well as for wall and ceiling cladding. The overall impression thus arising has a calm, harmonious effect.