Milton Glaser Shakespeare In Africa

Rugs from Nanimarquina, Designed by Milton Glaser

Product description

200 x 300 cm

300 x 400 cm


“A study of colours, shadows and textures to achieve the perfect balance, expressing Milton Glaser’s aesthetics: sensations, perceptions and the discovery of Shakespeare in a rug.” Nani Marquina.
The result of an accidental encounter between Shakespeare, Africa and Nani Marquina, the Milton Glaser collection is based on his belief that all things are ultimately connected and the role of the artist is to discover the inevitable relationship between everything.
This search for answers is sometimes difficult and at other times, a piece of cake. The “Shakespeare in Africa” rug is comprised of two elements, a portrait of Shakespeare and the textured pattern, both created by hand and combined in Photoshop.

100% New Zealand Wool
Manufacturer Nanimarquina
Family Milton Glaser
Architonic ID 1306465
Order number 01MILSHA00005
Year of Launch 2013

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