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Mini Stacked Shelf Systems Small*
Mini Stacked Shelf System
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H 16,6 x W 33,2 x D 26 cm

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The MINI STACKED is a small and versatile addition to the STACKED shelving system ideal for the living room, kitchen, entrance hall and bedrooms. The modules can be wall mounted in groups or singles to create a functional storage solution and a personal creative element to your home or office.

Wall-mountable shelf system, all modules with back- boards. Medium ash also available with grey, rose, dusty green or yellow backboard.
Mini Stacked is a small and versatile addition to the Stacked System. The cubes hang neatly on the wall individually or together, creating graphic and functional storage.

JULIEN DE SMEDT ARCHITECTS ON THE DESIGN “How to be specific and generic altogether? Shelving systems have a tendency to achieve one concern but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurements of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and desires. The result can be at times a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage... or both!”