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The Laser Cut Metal Collection
Laser Cut Metal Collection
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Space partition-Wall partition systems >
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Product description

Solid-core .063" Aluminum 5052 material.
4' x 8' and 4' x 10' sheet sizes.
Double Sided.
Custom thicknesses available & Custom Cut Outs.
Custom sizes are available.
Cross-graining to rotate grain direction.
Trims and Framing for seams, corners, and edges in a color to match.
Exterior finish.

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The Laser-Cut Collection, designers can seamlessly divide spaces with a reflective natural metal or a bold colorful pattern using a durable and cost effective material solution. The versatile collection has many uses – from an interior partition or feature wall to a stunning exterior facade. Available in ten standard patterns with the ability to customize the size and shape of the metal cuts to control the amount of light and flow through the space.

Laser Cut Collection -Wall coverings, Facade elements, Solar control elements, Metal, Movable walls;Panels, Shading elements, Sliding systems, Sheets, Sliding walls