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Dialoghi Agile op.6
Agile by France Dialoghi
Mosaico+ >
Francesco Lucchese >
Order number:
DL.0374 Agile op.6
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Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
Wood-Wood mosaics >
Natural stone-Natural stone mosaics >
Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
Wood-Wood mosaics >
Natural stone-Natural stone mosaics >

Product description

Mosaic composed of mixed shaped chips, 8 mm thick, from the collection DIVETRO, ONDE, PIETRA, EMETALLO, LEGNO, mounted on a fibreglass net to form sheets measuring 300x300 mm which may vary slightly depending on the module. The chips are placed approximately 2 mm apart.

Product family


the world of the curved line

Glass meets metal and gives it depth; metal meets wood and gives it warmth; wood meets stone and gives it an epic quality; stone meets glass, and the tale goes on... The Dialoghi collection, a Francesco Lucchese project, comes from a design search focused on the experience of the material. Experience as a tool for exploring the world of creativity and design, material as a point of departure and arrival to enhance the essential elements that form the basis of a different way of thinking about mosaics. The Dialoghi collection allows you to create original, customised mosaics, choosing from various types of wood, natural stone, glass and metal, in an infinite exchange between shapes and materials. For its Dialoghi collection, Mosaico+ has set aside the choicest raw materials and genuinely Italian high-tech production processes.