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Area25 Arancio
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AR.0A23 Arancio
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50x50x6 mm

318x318 mm
12 1/2”x 12 1/2”

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Density, solidity and brightness. The Area25 collection is the closest thing to pure colour. In ancient times, objects’ colour and people’s perception of them were thought to be one and the same, so the history of colour is also the history of the space around us. Glass chips transform the abstract concept of colour into solid mosaic surfaces, to provide floor or wall coverings for any interior and exterior design scheme. The Area25 collection shares the same colours as the other Mosaico+ products. Area25 is manufactured using a low-consumption, innovative-technology production process that creates a sustainable, environment-friendly product. The sintered glass chips are obtained by grinding and pressing powdered glass from waste and recycled products. This regeneration process creates an extremely strong material, suitable for use in contexts with heavy foot traffic but with all the sophistication and poetry of glass mosaic.

Mosaic made from 95% recycled sintered glass, comprising irregular, slightly rounded square chips 6 mm thick, in size 50x50 mm, mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 318x318 mm in which the chips are about 3.6 mm apart. Sintering, a process in which the glass is ground and compressed, provides a product of excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, ideal for floors even with heavy traffic. The chips’ size and thickness may vary, and slight depressions in the surface are also possible. Very small colour intrusions, non-right angles in chips and the resulting crooked joints are intrinsic characteristics of this product. In the anti-slip Grip version, significant variations in shade are possible due to the special production processes required to obtain the surface finish.

22 colori glossy, su richiesta finitura grip R11 / 22 glossy colours, Grip finish on request