Key facts

Product description

Table top:
- melamine resin white or anthracite, edge band: ash untreated
- laminate silk-mat white or dark grey, edge band: ash untreated
- linoleum black or grey, edge band: ash untreated
- ash black stained, oiled
- oak (rustic) brushed, oiled
- ash untreated

standing height: 108,5 – 111,0 cm
width: 160,0 / 190,0 / 220,0 cm
depth: 90,0 cm

Product family


A table is a table, is a table!
Really? No!
For Klopstock can do what hardly any other table can. A sophisticated click and snap system enables Klopstock‘s legs to be positioned in 12 different symmetrical (and some more non-symmetrical) arrangements, suitable for any desired position of chairs and table heights. Or just for an arrangement you like best. In case your taste changes, you grow, you move, or you want to use Klopstock in a different way, you simply convert Klopstock once again.  
Most probably only Klopstock offers so much individuality and such a great number of uses. Therefore the slogan „a table is a table, is a table“ had better go „one table is many tables“.